Heather Klein/Shanghai Angel

Creating Shanghai Angel:
A Story of Love, Detainment and a Lie
With $2.50 in her pocket, Jewish refugee Rosa Ginsberg left her family behind in Shanghai, China, in 1940 for an uncertain future in the United States. The 18-year-old Vienna native landed at Angel Island in San Francisco Bay, site of a U.S. immigration station - and, after several weeks of detainment, was allowed to the mainland on the basis of a mostly true story.
“Shanghai Angel” is a new musical based on Rosa’s journey to the U.S. from war-torn Europe. Heather Klein, the show’s creator and Rosa’s granddaughter, will present musical selections from the show and excerpts from Rosa’s official interrogation transcript, and will discuss how she created the show.
Heather Klein; presenter, singer, composer, writer
Joshua Horowitz: piano, percussion, arranger
Bruce Bierman: officer and director 
Zoom Meeting ID: 948 0309 6333
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