Dr. Ziv Rubinovitz

Israel Institute Teaching Fellow (2017-2020)

Dr. Ziv Rubinovitz


Available By Appointment Only

Dr. Ziv Rubinovitz is the Israel Institute Teaching Fellow for Sonoma State Univeristy beginning in Fall 2017. He was a Research Fellow at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center (2016-2017), studying the rise and decline of the autonomy concept 1967-1982. He is a Ph.D. in International Relations from the University of Haifa, Israel. His dissertation dealt with the geopolitics of the U.S. use of force in the international arena since 1898. His major fields of research are American foreign policy and grand strategy, Israeli foreign policy issues, particularly the peace process with Egypt, and the US- Israel relations. He had been a visiting researcher at the Azrieli Institute at Concordia University in Montreal, a visiting professor of Israel Studies at Emory University, a visiting researcher at the LSE and an adjunct lecturer at the MA Program on Peace and Conflict Management at the University of Haifa. He had published an article on Israel's role in the September 1970 crisis in Jordan (International History Review 2010), an article on the alleged American decline as other power rise in the international system (in an edited volume: Aharon Klieman (ed.), Geopolitics and Great Powers (Springer, 2015).

Dr. Rubinovitz's recent book is published by Indiana University Press.

Menachem Begin and the Israel-Egypt Peace Process: Between Ideology and Political Realism
Gerald M. Steinberg and Ziv Rubinovitz