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The Jewish Studies minor can be achieved through 20 units of coursework consisting of three core classes and two additional classes. All courses in the Jewish Studies minor count as GE classes in the following areas: C1, C2, C3, D2, D5.

Declaring the Minor

To become a minor, contact the Director of Jewish Studies, Brian S. Wilson in the Music Department: or by phone at 707-664-2468.

Fill out the form Change of Major form and bring it for signature. Forms are also available in the office.

Course Rotation

Each FALL 

  • JWST 255 - The Evolution of Anti-Semitism 
  • MUS 343 - Survey of Jewish Musics-Jewish Music Series


  • JWST 200 - Introduction to Jewish Studies
  • JWST 355 - Modern European Jewish History, 1492—Present 
  • POLS 307 - Holocaust and Genocide Lecture Series 

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